About the GTMA


Hilton Barbados – There could be worse places to form an alliance!

In September 2018, the Presidents and Chair of the ASTW, SATW and BGTW met in Barbados and agreed to “cooperate in a number of ways, beginning with, but not limited to…”


  • Establishing a core representation structure of three people (one per organisation) to create and develop our future cooperation.
  • Comparing the structures and operations of our organisations to look for opportunities for harmonisation.
  • Operating a common communication platform for our members.
  • Developing opportunities for inter-organisational socialising.
  • Providing judges for each others awards.
  • Sharing Professional Skills Development events and opportunities.
  • Exploring options for joint publications.
  • Gathering and expressing our members views on travel industry and media matters.

The Structure

The alliance is not an entity itself. It is an alliance co-managed by ‘The Triumvirate’ – one representative from each organisation (two for the SATW) , and the three current Presidents & Chair of each organisation.

The current management team are…

Representative: President/Chair:
ASTW Danielle Lancaster Elisa Elwin
SATW David Swanson,
Barbara Ramsay Orr
Larry Bleiberg
BGTW Alastair McKenzie Simon Willmore